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18-FOXTROT Tactical Work Shirt

Precio de oferta$44.00

The SOTG Tactical Work Shirt [18FOXTROT] is a breakthrough apparel product that mixes comfort and good looks with versatility. Popular on the job site and in the backcountry, our 18-Foxtrot [18F] short-sleeve and Long sleeve features:

  • Built-in memory foam in the shoulders, and elbows.
  • Anti-slip surface on shoulders and elbows increases comfort, safety and performance when hauling lumber, lugging pipe, carrying a rifle, and anything else using your shoulders. The difference is amazing!
  • Breathable mesh bottom half for maximum airflow and comfort.
  • Shoulder pockets that easily fit most common smartphones and excellent notepad storage.
  • Pencil and builders scale sleeves on both shoulders
  • Multiple patch areas for full customization by owner
  • Backplate embroidery upgrade option. Company name or owners name plate

Named for the Assistant Operations and Intelligence Sergeant (18F), a team member that ensures that the team has all the equipment and supplies needed for the mission. He also gathers and analyzes mission-critical intelligence.

Usually ships within 24 hours

18-FOXTROT Tactical Work Shirt
18-FOXTROT Tactical Work Shirt Precio de oferta$44.00