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“Had this vest for about 5 months so far and I can tell you it's fantastic. Tons of pockets which I love, I don't feel run down at the end of the day. If your on the fence I can tell you don't be - GET It improve your work life.”


"Very grateful…enjoying the gear. Especially my back is resting from the traditional belt rig. Thank you!"


"First thing I was worried about was getting too warm. I'm a solar installer and work on hot roofs or direct sunlight 90% of the day. However it's extremely breathable. I WILL NEVER be going back to a standard tool belt! Keep up the good work!"


"My back and shoulder pain is gone after only 3 days of wearing the vest! Who knew it was my bags that were really ****ing me up?!"


"The fact that it has taken our industry this long to put this on the market is a shame. Save your back, look bad ass, and have more energy for the things you like doing off the job site."


"Bought this for my husband, he needed something with support but at the same time durable and comfortable. This meet all of that and more. Highly recommended!!"