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Tactical Gear

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18-FOXTROT Tactical Work Shirt18-FOXTROT Tactical Work Shirt
18-FOXTROT Tactical Work Shirt

Sale priceFrom $44.00
Technician's PouchTechnician's Pouch
Technician's Pouch

Sale price$34.99
Impact Gun HolsterImpact Gun Holster
Impact Gun Holster

Sale price$29.99
Nail Mag HolderNail Mag Holder
Nail Mag Holder

Sale price$15.99
Tape and Knife HolderTape and Knife Holder
Tape and Knife Holder

Sale price$17.99
SOTG Vest Hanger
SOTG Vest Hanger

Sale price$20.00
Hydration Pack - 2 LiterHydration Pack - 2 Liter
Hydration Pack - 2 Liter

Sale price$15.00
Spec Ops Tactical PatchSpec Ops Tactical Patch
Customized Vest Back PatchCustomized Vest Back Patch
SOTG Insulated Tumbler
SOTG Insulated Tumbler

Sale price$20.00
Tactical Retractable Pencil Pull
Ultra Bright MINI Torch Light
Swivel LED FlashlightSwivel LED Flashlight
Swivel LED Flashlight

Sale price$22.00
SOTG Emergency Med KitSOTG Emergency Med Kit
SOTG Emergency Med Kit

Sale price$15.99
Hi-Viz Patch KitHi-Viz Patch Kit
Hi-Viz Patch Kit

Sale price$8.99